Work force

Work force management
Turn your facility into a safe, risk free
environment in times of COVID19

Plug and play. No installation need

Keep the production going with the most accurate social distance tracker

The tracker helps you secure your workplace by warning you employees to keep their social distancing while providing you an advanced tracing dashboard.

Attaches to
employees’ belts

Provides a heat
map on the

Detects risky

Measures distance
and duration.

Alerts when
guidelines are not

Warns when in
social distance.

Adjust al the variables, set your own workspace limits

Different workspaces have different employee densities. Set the essential limits for different parts of your workspace.

Set warning type.

alarm, light, vibration

Set distance.

warn when inside 2m

Set duration.

ring the alarm when spent 30 seconds

See heatmaps for further details and be able to trace possible chances of infection

Lower your risk by getting the information such as how long an infected person communicates with their teammates. Examine it as a list, graphs, or heatmap.

Tie-social distance tracker

Works on proprietary RF technology
Splash proof and dust resistant

Tie vs BLE device


  • Standalone full fledged operation
  • Perfect for industrial area
  • Long range with real time communication to gateways thus backend systems
  • Location tracking
  • Heat map analysis

BLE based tracker

  • Requires mobile phone for full fledged operation
  • Range issues in industrial areas
  • Short range thus no real time communication to backend systems
  • Location tracking not possible
  • Heat map analysis not possible since there is no real time data communication to the backend systems