Our IOT capabilities in agriculture

IoT based remote sensing utilizes sensors placed along the farms like weather stations for gathering data which is transmitted to analytical tool for analysis. Sensors are devices sensitive to anomalies. Farmers can monitor the crops from analytical dashboard and take action based on insights.

  • Crop Monitoring :

Sensors placed along the farms monitor the crops for changes in light , humidity, temperature, shape and size. Any anomaly is detected by the sensors is analysed and farmer is notified. Thus remote sensing can help prevent the spread of diseases and keep an eye on the growth of crops.

  • Weather conditions :

The data collected by sensors in terms of humidity, temperature, moisture precipitation and dew detection helps in determining the weather pattern in farms so that cultivation is done for suitable crops.

  • Soil quality :

The analysis of quality of soil helps in determining the nutrient value and drier areas of farms, soil drainage capacity or acidity, which allows to adjust the amount of water needed for irrigation and the opt most beneficial type of cultivation

Hardware Features


The IOT system works using proprietary technology which provides connectivity solution at the lowest energy-consumption device-to-cloud. By simplifying communications, our IOT device can enable unbeatable low energy consumption. The end node can be operated using a coin battery for a year on single charge. For eg: a device with sensors sending out signals of humidity and water content of soil can work for upto a year on 1 single charge.


With the smallest energy consumption, smallest form factor of hook can be achieved. Reduced size means it can be easily deployed in crooked environments. For eg : a device with temperature sensor can be as small as 2 standard sized coin sandwiched together


With its simple approach to connectivity, Hook provides extremely price-competitive connectivity subscriptions and even more importantly, enables extremely simple, scalable and cost-efficient silicon modules. For eg : The end nodes which are devices with sensors can be as cheap as 20 dollars.

Precision Farming

By implementing a precision farming solution comprised of sensors and gateways embedded with IOT Technology, and a low power wide area network based on the proprietary RF protocol, farmers can help improve crop yields, animal health and farm operations.
  • Better understand and plan for inherent variability of farm conditions
  • Increase farm yields while reducing resource use
  • Minimize in-field workload so farmer can tend to business operations
  • Easy to set-up since sensors do not need to be connected to a power source – an entire farm can be equipped in less than a day
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to sensors low power operation,
  • ensuring batteries can last 10 years

Cattle Monitoring

Each year, farmers lose significant amounts of profit due to animal illnesses. There are many ways that IoT-enabled livestock management solutions allow farmers to promote better livestock health:
  • Connected sensors in livestock wearables allow farmers to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, digestion, and other vitals
  • Data streamed to the cloud directly from wearables allows farmers to identify and address issues like illness and feeding problems before they significantly impact the herd’s health.
  • Farmers can use IoT solutions to monitor livestock reproductive cycles and the calving process to promote safer and more successful outcomes.
  • IoT sensors can be used to track an animal’s location, which can be helpful in locating sick animals as well as establishing and optimizing grazing patterns.

Autonomous Irrigation System

Precision Irrigation Solution Saves Growers Time & Money, While Improving Yield & Qualityfarmers spend countless hours each month driving to their different fields, checking moisture levels and turning on and off pumps and irrigation valves. This costs time, money and can be very water and labor inefficient. However, with our automated irrigation solution, farmers don’t even have to leave the house to get precise irrigation to their crops– they can do it using their mobile phone or computer.

Anyware Ecosystem We deploy IOT solution at places with no direct internet connectivity
We deploy IOT solution at places with no direct internet connectivity

Multiple gateways that operates using propriety RF technology are to be placed at the identified remote locations. The primary gateway is supposed to be connected to cloud over available internet connectivity (GSM/WiFi/Ethernet) .
The gateways connect with each to create a mesh network within the stipulated environment. The mesh network would be used to transmit and receive data.
The end nodes read data from the sensors and transmit data to gateway over mesh network which then reaches to primary gateway and then to the cloud. Front-end applications communicate with cloud services to provide instantaneous insights all time

Rural IOT Network

Hook with its ability of long distance transmission, multiple gateways can be setup in the agricultural land thus creating a IOT network.
A wide area covered IOT network supported with cloud integrated platform would enable the farmers community of that geography to deploy multiple IOT devices improving the efficacy of farming and crop yield

ERP Software Solution

A fully customizable ERP cloud platform to deliver
cross platform ERP software.

  1. Farm management dashboard.
  2. Data insights from IOT devices with live alerts
    ie: soil moisture level, intrusion of pests
  3. Inventory management and Traceability
  4. Crop reports and Output Predictability
  5. Liable and efficient operations
  6. Satellite and weather inputs
  7. Direct market sales module